Learn About The Mission

Robert and Anita Winter, co-founders of Trutogs.com

Aloha! We are Anita and Bob Winter, co-founders of Trutogs.com. Our  vision is "Sowing Missions Thread by Thread." There are two ways we seek to accomplish this.

FIRST: by opening up the global marketplace to craftsmen and artisans often in remote locations around the world and in the US. Many suffer under extreme poverty and are at risk of exploitation. Bringing their quality handmade products to eCommerce markets empowers them economically enabling them to provide a better quality of life and to protect their families. 

SECOND: by using the profits to support young missionaries who invest their lives in ministering the gospel to people of all nations. Youth with a Mission, ywam.org, is located in over 180 countries.

In the fall of 2015, while visiting the Kona, HI campus of The University of the Nations, God placed on our heart a desire to help fund the young people participating in the Youth with a Mission (YWAM) program. There were over 600 students enrolled and many were underfunded. Realizing our ability to support missions was limited by our personal earnings, the idea of building a business with the sole purpose of applying the profits to missions was conceived.

Having worked for both private and public companies over the years, we were disillusioned by the wealth that was being created and how it was apportioned. What if a company’s profits were instead invested in missionaries? Imagine how that could enable more capable missionaries to enter the mission field knowing there is a steady stream of funds for a portion of their monthly needs.

This is the purpose God has placed on our hearts...

Watch and listen to our son Logan Winter share more about our journey to YWAM in Kona, Hawaii.